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Put your ad in front of thousands of our readers! Thank you for your interest in sponsoring If you target individuals passionate about natural health, organic products, raw and living food, superfoods, yoga, eco-friendly products and green living, then is a prime platfor­m to help you reach new customers and further develop your brand.

Authenticity and Trust has established a very specific group of followers, interested in natural health, green living and organic news, who know when endorses a product we have had firsthand experience with the product and consider it to be one the highest quality products on the market.  As a result, advertisers that meet our standards of excellence are selected for the allotted ad spaces on, reinforcing authenticity and trusted products and services to remain the backbone of

Meet Our Readers readers are typically well educated professionals who are above average income earners. They are very discerning readers of ingredient labels, like to purchase organic products, and typically shop at organic supermarkets, farmers markets and food co-ops. They are into green living, health, fitness, yoga, vegetarianism, etc. Statistically including, but not exclusive to:
  • 52% Female
  • 48% Male
  • 28% 18-34
  • 39% 35-49
  • 29% 50+
  • 77% College graduates or higher
  • HHI (house hold income): 28% $30K-$60K; 27% $60K-100K; 24% over $100K

Advertising Options has many advertising options and we strive to offer our advertisers competitive rates compared to other natural health, green living and organic news sites. For inquiries, advertising rates and our media kit: Contact Us Today! Courtney Thompson Executive Director EMAIL: PHONE: 415-3000-JAR (0527) .

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